InvestMart EXE Trading

InvestMart EXE is more useful for well informed traders and dealers. InvestMart EXE is a new Analytics driven trading platform meant to give traders and edge. It combines intraday and historical data and has elaborate charts and technical analysis studies.

With THIS EXE you can view your holdings, trade records, do real time fund transfer and much more. InvestMart EXE has a smart live scanner and trend scanner which captures the opportunities and shows it to the user the very second the event happens. Traders vouch for the ease and effectiveness of Rapid Rupee. It shows real time charts for various time frames.

With advanced charting, scanners, fundamental data, automated buy and sell signals and much more, InvestMart EXE provides all that is needed for a well informed and objective trading.

Why Choose InvestMart EXE ?


Elaborate streaming Intra Day and Historical Charts with comprehensive technical indicators

Unusual Volumes

Real time alerts for securities which are having unusual volumes compared to weekly or monthly averages

Chart Pattern Based Scanners

Scan the market for various chart patterns like Bullish Engulfing, Bearish Reversal etc

Multiple Workspaces

Go beyond the traditional watch-list for monitoring stock and trading. Have watch-list based on charts, scanners

Trend Scanner

Scan the entire market based on multiple parameters like symbol breaching R1 or S1 level, price moving above 50 day sma etc

Long And Short Build-Up

Iedntify the stocks which are having a long or short build-up and devise your trading strategies accordingly

Open a Demat & Trading account in 15 Minutes.